Us together at Panchvati Supermarket are a family

Panchvati Super Market started as a group of people, a tight-knit family. A family of Indian immigrants, always sticking together, standing tall, bound together by love, by tradition, and by love for our root heritage.

Our desire to preserve our proud culture and achieve more than living and working for the wealth of another is where the foundations were built. That’s how it all started—from our unbreakable familial bonds and cherished memories of our homeland. We strive to bring a little India into the heart of Canada. After generations of hard work, perseverance, our dream came into fruition.

The Panchvati Supermarket brings to you a diverse range of traditional and authentic Indian food. Inspired from the desire to share the vastness of the Indian repertoire, Mr. Bipin Patel, started the Panchvati Supermarket Chain with the objective of providing authentic Indian food items to the Asian as well as resident community in Canada. Our prime value proposition is based on the 5 Ps of Retailing:

  1. Product – Panchvati Supermarket offers genuine and credible Indian products. Our product range boasts of flavors and foods found in the Indian sub-continent as well as those found in the Middle East. To compliment this, we also offer a wide range of everyday groceries including dry goods, frozen items and fresh produce. Most of our products come from reputed and reliable sources in India. Not only do we wish to serve the community with products that are authentic but also with a tremendously large range of products. All products at our stores are of the superior quality as we do not compromise with the health and safety of our customers.
  2. Place – We are conveniently located at Scarborough, Brampton, Mississauga, and Etobicoke. Each of these stores are at such junctions which are easily and quickly accessible from all major parts of the Greater Toronto Area.
  3. Promotion – To promote the Indian food heritage, Panchvati regularly comes up with various offers and schemes. Moreover, the retail chain ensures that customers are regularly updated the offers through social media such as Facebook. We also support popular and upcoming entrepreneurs in and around our community through our digital and paper based ad-boards.
  4. Price – Superior quality with reasonable pricing is our motto and it is our constant endeavor to serve the community with a wide and affordable range of products.
  5. People – Every team member at Panchvati, from the founders to the floor staff, works with a single-minded focus of delighting our customers. This singular vision has ensured that our customers have the best shopping experience at our stores.

Panchvati Supermarket Rises

And so, Panchvati Super Market arose and spread to various retail chains all across Canada. Committed to sharing what we know best about our Indian heritage and culture, we aimed to do so by the most evocative medium of all: food.

With thousands of years behind their creation, Indian cuisine speaks for itself. It’s what drives our culture and brings our people together. The distinct flavours and ingredients found in the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East, and most notably, the unique incorporation of spices melded together with the guidance of long-standing tradition… food is what educates and exposes new generations to the regional diversity of India and the richness of our culture.                                        

We Offer More Than Just Grocery

We offer so much more than fresh produce, dried goods, and frozen items. We offer a story about our culture, a story about our home. We here at Panchvati believe, more than anyone else, that great food shouldn’t come at a great cost. Why, you ask? That’s because food means the world to us. And once you try our authentic, high-quality products, we hope food will also mean the world to you.